Murata develops “Cool Design Smart Glass” concept with Sabae, Japan

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:  
Tsuneo Murata


Murata, in conjunction with the city of Sabae in Fukui Prefecture, has created a concept for smart eyewear called “Cool Design Smart Glass”. The concept will be shown and demonstrated at CEATEC® JAPAN 2015 to be held at Makuhari Messe this coming October 7 to 10 (Wednesday–Saturday).


Interest in smart eyewear offering hands-free operation and augmented reality display has grown in recent years. To implement an effective HMI*1 in wearables such as smart eyewear, Murata has been developing a switch module (micro PS)*2. A recent joint project*3 with the city of Sabae has resulted in a concept model called Cool Design Smart Glass.
Cool Design Smart Glass draws on the eyewear design skills and fabrication expertise of this center of eyewear production to maintain the inherent style and comfort of well-designed eyewear while incorporating a switch module (micro PS) in the templepiece to enable easy operation of connected devices such as AR displays and smartphones, without a remote control. In this way, Cool Design Smart Glass promises unobtrusive smart eyewear that maintains the style and good fit of fine eyewear.
Demonstrations at the event will show examples of specific applications in conjunction with home appliances and electronics, as well as smartphones.


  • Easy to use and maintains the fashionable style and reassuring comfort of well-designed eyewear.
  • Switch module (micro PS) offers rotating/push switch functions in the world’s smallest packaging.
  • Brings AR display to lenses.
  • Demonstrations will show how home appliances, electronics and smartphones can be controlled at a glance.


*1 Human Machine Interface (HMI): The means and methods used by people to control devices and determine status or the results of their actions.
*2 Switch module (micro PS): 
Rotating/push switch under development by Murata, to be packaged into
the world’s smallest size (3.2 × 3.4 × 2.3 mm).
Intended for HMI applications, it will be produced in volume in 2016.
*3 Joint project with the city of Sabae: 
A joint project between Murata and the city of Sabae that also includes contributions from Sabae-based Charmant and Boston Club, SAP Japan, and SITE4D.

Murata in Brief

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