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Murata Icon X Appearance & Shape

Appearance | XTCLH19M200TJJC3P0
Dimensions | XTCLH19M200TJJC3P0

Murata Icon X Specifications

Frequency Tolerance±0.5ppmmax. (25±3℃)
Frequency Shift by Temperature±0.2ppmmax.
Operating Temperature Range-40℃ to 85℃
Frequency Aging±0.5ppmmax./year
OutputClipped Sine Wave
Supply Voltage+3.0±5% (Vcc)
Current Consumption(max.)2mA
Frequency Controlled Range±3ppm min. to ±6ppm max.
Output Voltage0.8Vp-p / min.
Load Impedance/Capacitance(10Kohm//10pF)±10%

Murata Icon X Features

Based on long experience and activity, Murata's Crystal Oscillator consists of high quality quartz crystal unit and excellent temperature compensation circuit, which are packaged with high circuit technology and high adjusting technology. They are suitable for communication equipment, business radios, GPS(GNSS) system and survey equipment.

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254mm Plastic Tape