1. Export Control

(For customers outside Japan)Murata products should not be used or sold for use in the development, production, stockpiling or utilization of any conventional weapons or mass-destructive weapons (nuclear weapons, chemical or biological weapons, or missiles), or any other weapons.

(For customers in Japan) For products which are controlled items subject to "the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law" of Japan, the export license specified by the law is required for export.

2. Please contact our sales representatives or engineers before using our products listed in this website for the applications requiring especially high reliability what defects might directly cause damage to other party's life, body or property (listed below) or for other applications not specified in this website.

  • 1. Aircraft equipment
  • 2. Aerospace equipment
  • 3. Undersea equipment
  • 4. Power plant equipment
  • 5. Medical equipment
  • 6. Transportation equipment (automobiles, trains, ships,etc.)
  • 7. Traffic signal equipment
  • 8. Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment
  • 9. Data-processing equipment
  • 10. Applications of similar complexity or with reliability requirements comparable to the applications listed in the above

3. Product specifications in this website are subject to change or stop the supply without notice.
Please confirm the specifications before ordering any product.
If there are any questions, please contact our sales representatives or engineers.

4. Please read rating and CAUTION (for storage and operating, rating, soldering and mounting, handling) in this website to prevent smoking and/or burning, etc.

5. This website has only typical specifications because there is no space for detailed specifications. Therefore, please approve our product specification or transact the approval sheet for product specification before your ordering.

6. Please note that unless otherwise specified, we shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any conflict or dispute that may occur in connection with the effect of our and/or third party's intellectual property rights and other related rights in consideration of your using our products and/or information described or contained in this website.
In this connection, no representation shall be made to the effect that any third parties are authorized to use the rights mentioned above under licenses without our consent.

7. None of ozone depleting substances (ODS) under the Montreal Protocol is used in manufacturing process of us.

8. Orders must be made in integral multiples of the minimum qunatity.(minimum qunatity means the numbers of units of each delivery or order.) Also contact Murata for the minimum order quantity for each product.

9. Regarding the information of compliance with environmental requirements other than the RoHS directive / REACH regulation that you can see on this site, please contact your sales representative.