PTC Thermistors (POSISTOR) FAQQ[PTFM series] Are there any precautions to take when soldering to the leads of this PTC Thermistor?

This PTC Thermistor element and leads are soldered together. Because of this, solder the leads at a point 5mm or more away from the lead's root so that the joints between the element and lead are not affected. In addition, make sure that the soldering iron does not come into contact with the thermistor body.

Please be careful about the following points on implementing our product.

1.This product is using the solder of 221+/-5 ℃ of melting points, in order to connect ceramics with 
a lead wire. Do not heat up a terminal area of this product over 180 ℃.

2. Do not touch the resin case by soldering iron. The soldering point shall be min. 5 mm away from the
 root of lead wire. Please solder the following conditions.
        ・Iron Tip Temperature : 360 degree C max.
        ・Soldering Time       : 4 seconds max. / 1 terminal
        ・Number of Soldering  : 1

3.If you coat this product by resin, please evaluate the qualityl of this product before you use it.
The stress of fource which is caused by coating materials or heat cycles may cause failure 
mode such as deterioration of characteristic or current leak in worst case.

4.In case of mounting this product with screw , please do not apply an excessive tensile stress(9.8N)
  between resin case and lead.

5. Do not apply an excessive force(9.8N) to the lead. Otherwise, it may cause break off the junction between
  lead and element, may crack element or element may comes off resin case. Therefore, hold of element 
side lead wire is recommended when lead wire is bent or cut.

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