nRF52 (Bluetooth low energy / BLE, ANT, 2.4GHz and NFC) / nRF52832

Nordic - Reference Design

"The nRF52 Series re-defines the world of possibilities for Bluetooth® low energy sensors and devices for the IoT area. Running at 64MHz it racks up impressive stats: EEMBC Coremark® score of 215 and 58 Coremark®/mA. Built in a cutting edge 55nm process technology the nRF52 Series is architected for todays need for speed, speed to carry out increasingly complex tasks in the shortest possible time and return to sleep, conserving precious battery power. Introducing a Cortex-M4F processor at its heart, it is the most capable Bluetooth low energy SoC on the market today." 
nRF52 Series SoC

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52x32 series are for for Bluetooth® low energy (BLE), ANT 2.4GHz, and NFC, good for sensors and device for the IoT (Internet of Things) world.
Murata is supporting reference design of nRF52x32 as nRF52832 SoC with Ceramic Capacitor, Inductor, Cristal unit (Resonator) and Low pass LC filter.

nRF52 Releted link (Nordic Products / Download / Datasheet Site)
nRF52 DK (Development kit)
nRF5 SDK (Software Development Kit)

And this is Murata module with nRF52832.
WSM-BL241-ADA-008 (Under Developping)

Passive starter kit (In collaboration with Nordic)


Reference design: nRF52x32 series
Murata Kit P/N: EKSM-PND52X32A-KIT

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Reference design for nRF52x32 series

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*This is just reference design, so you have to evaluate on your actual circuit board before your production.

Noridic Murata Murata Murata Murata Murata Murata
nRF52x32 Capacitor, Inductor, Timing Device, Balun
Description Description Parts Number Status Remark Request Sample Stock Check
C1, C2 12pF, NP0, +/-2% (For X1:Murata XRC)
0402, 10pF, NP0, +/-2%
GRM1555C1H100GA01 Nordic confirmed Go Go
(For X1:Murata XRC)
0201, 10pF, NP0, +/-2%
GRM0335C1H100GA01 Optional Go Go
C3 0.8pF, NP0, +/-5% 0402, 0.7pF, NP0, +/-0.05pF GRM1555C1HR70WA01 - Go Go
0402, 0.8pF, NP0, +/-0.05pF GRM1555C1HR80WA01 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0402, 0.9pF, NP0, +/-0.05pF GRM1555C1HR90WA01 - Go Go
0201, 0.7pF, NP0, +/-0.05pF GRM0335C1HR70WA01 - Go Go
0201, 0.8pF, NP0, +/-0.05pF GRM0335C1HR80WA01 Optional Go Go
0201, 0.9pF, NP0, +/-0.05pF GRM0335C1HR90WA01 - Go Go
C4, C5, C8 100nF, X7R, +/-10% 0402, 100nF, X7R, +/-10% GRM155R71H104KE14 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0201, 100nF, X5R, +/-10% GRM033R61C104KE14 Optional Deviation Go Go
C6 N.C - - - - -
C7 100pF, NP0, +/-5% 0402, 91pF, NP0, +/-5% GRM1555C1H910JA01 - Go Go
0402, 100pF, NP0, +/-5% GRM1555C1H101JA01 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0402, 110pF, NP0, +/-5% GRM1555C1H111JA01 - Go Go
0201, 91pF, NP0, +/-5% GRM0335C1H910JA01 - Go Go
0201, 100pF, NP0, +/-5% GRM0335C1H101JA01 Optional Go Go
0201, 110pF, NP0, +/-5% GRM0335C1H111JA01 - Go Go
C9 4.7uF, X5R, +/-10% 0603, 4.7uF, X5R, +/-10% GRM188R61A475KE15 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0402, 4.7uF, X5R, +/-20% GRM155R61A475MEAA Optional Deviation Go Go
C10 1.0uF, X7R, +/-10% 1.0uF, X7R, +/-10% GRM188R71A105KA61 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0201, 1.0uF, X5R, +/-20% GRM033R61A105ME15 Optional Deviation Go Go
C11, C12 12pF, NP0, +/-2% 0402, 12pF, NP0, +/-2% GRM1555C1H120GA01 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0201, 12pF, NP0, +/-2% GRM0335C1H120GA01 Optional Go Go
Ctune1, 2 TBD pF +/-5% - - - - -
L1 3.9nH +/-5% 0402, 4.3nH +/-0.2nH LQG15HS4N3C02 - Go Go
0402, 4.7nH +/-0.2nH LQG15HS4N7C02 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0402, 5.1nH +/-0.2nH LQG15HS5N1C02 - Go Go
0201, 4.3nH +/-3% LQP03TN4N3H02 - Go Go
0201, 4.7nH +/-3% LQP03TN4N7H02 Optional Go Go
0201, 5.1nH +/-3% LQP03TN5N1H02 - Go Go
L2 10uH 50mA, +/-20% 0603, 10uH 50mA, +/-20% LQM18FN100M00 Optional Go Go
L3 15nH +/-10% 0402, 15nH +/-5% LQG15HS15NJ02 Nordic confirmed Go Go
0201, 15nH +/-3% LQP03TN15NH02 Optional Go Go
X1 32MHz +/-40ppm 32MHz +/-35ppm,
XRCMD32M000FXP54R0 Nordic confirmed - Go
32MHz +/-40ppm,
XRCGB32M000F2P10R0 Nordic confirmed - Go
LPF 2.4~2.5GHz 
Low pass filter
Low pass filter
LFL0Q2G45TR2E268 Nordic confirmed - -
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