Digital Panel Meters FAQQI want to replace an old, 50A analog dc-ammeter with your digital DCA5-20PC-1-DC1-RL. How do I hook it up?

First, please read the DCA5-20PC data sheet in its entirety! If the analog ammeter contains an internal shunt, you’ll need to purchase a 50A/50mV external shunt (our part number 3020-01096-0). Disconnect the analog meter’s two large wires and reconnect them to the 50A/50mV shunt’s large threaded studs. Connect the shunt’s two side-mounted small screws to the DCA5-20PC’s TB1 ‘–IN’ and ‘+IN’ terminals. You’ll also need to connect an appropriate power source to TB2.
If the analog ammeter uses an external shunt, it’s typically marked with an amperage rating and output level (for example, 50A/50mV). Leave the larger wires in place and reconnect the shunt’s two small side-mounted screws to the DCA5-20PC’s TB1 ‘–IN’ and ‘+IN’ terminals, and apply power to TB2.

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