Acceleration Sensors FAQQIf your resolution is 0.1% (of full scale) , it means that you have a resolution of 0.001*90 = 0.09 Degrees. However, your repeatability is 0.03 Degrees. How can repeatability be less than resolution?

It cannot be. The 0.1% resolution is the digital output resolution and the repeatability is measured from the analog output which has much higher resolution than 0.03 degrees. Based on the specification the analog output resolution over an 8Hz bandwidth is 20µg *sqrt (8) = about 60µg => 0.003 degrees. With this bandwidth the analog output resolution is 10 times better than the repeatability. From the digital output point of view the repeatability and the resolution are the same (±90 degrees = 180 degrees change. 180degrees/1,024=0.18 degrees/bit).

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