EMI Suppression Filters

EMI Suppression Filters
Using Murata's ceramic processing technology and unique material, we offer a variety of Noise Suppression Products and EMI Suppression Filters. Murata also offers technical support and guidance based on many years of experience operating in the field of noise suppression. Our technical support includes design kits, application manuals and a comprehensive set of software tools to simulate virtually any circuit condition.
Noise Suppression Filters EMIFIL® (chip and lead type) , Common Mode Chokes (chip and lead type) , Microwave Absorbers, and Ferrite Cores are offered.

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BL Series

BL□ Series

Chip EMIFIL (Chip 3 Terminal Capacitor - LC, RC Complex Type)

NF□ Series

DL-PL Series

DL□ / PL□ Series

BNX Series

BNX Series

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PDF catalog relates to a EMI Suppression Filters is below

EMI Suppression Filters

SMD/BLOCK Type EMI Suppression Filters EMIFIL® (PDF: 15.1MB)

  • CAT NO. c31e-26
  • UPDATE 9/24/2014
Download PDF

EMI Suppression Filters (for DC)/Chip Inductors for Automotive (PDF: 7.5MB)

  • CAT NO. c51e-1
  • UPDATE 9/30/2014
Download PDF

EMI Suppression Filters (Lead Type EMIFIL®) (PDF: 0.9MB)

  • CAT NO. c30e-4
  • UPDATE 3/16/2015
Download PDF

EMI Suppression Filters for Digital Equipment (PDF: 2.1MB)

  • CAT NO. c33e
  • UPDATE 5/12/2004
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EMI Suppression Filters Application Guide (PDF: 0.9MB)

  • CAT NO. c35e-2
  • UPDATE 9/13/2013
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Application Manual for Power Supply Noise Suppression and Decoupling for Digital ICs (PDF: 3.6MB)

  • CAT NO. c39e
  • UPDATE 7/26/2010
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