ActuatorApplication Guide

Application Guide of Piezoelectric Actuators

Position Control Device

  • Optical zooming(for DSC)
  • Optical pick-up(for BD player)
  • Autofocus(for Cellphone camera, DSC)
  • Head positioning (for hard disk drive )
Position Control Device images
  • Position Control Device image

    Image of driving Piezoelectric element and
    HDD head by voltage >

  • Driving image gif animation

Injection Control Device

  • Ink jet (for printers)
  • Fuel Injection (for Diesel Engine)
  • Atomizer(for Fragrance, Deodorant, Insecticede)
Injection Control Device

Angle Control Device

  • Micro mIrror(for micro projector)
Angle Control Device

Vibration Control Device

  • Image stabilization(for DSC, SLR camera)
  • Dust remover(for SLR camera)
Vibration Control Device