Factory Automation Equipments(Control equipments, Industrial robots)

Industrial automation

Advances in technology of communication technology and high-speed data processing, which supports the world of FA (factory automation).

Seamless connection between various FA equipments (control equipments, industrial robots, etc.) and further improvement of productivity by big data analysis are being studied.

Murata aims to provide services and solutions that support the development of FA equipments and the realization of Industry 4.0, and electronic components such as various capacitors, noise countermeasures, protection elements, power supplies, and sensors, which are indispensable for FA equipments.


SubTitleIconNo01 PLC/Industrial PC

SubTitleIconNo02 Sensor/Actuator

SubTitleIconNo03 Programmable Display

SubTitleIconNo04 Interface (LAN・USB・RS485・232/Wireless Communication)

SubTitleIconNo05 Motor Driver/AC Servo/Inverter

SubTitleIconNo06 Motor

SubTitleIconNo07 DC‐DC Converter

7-1. Component

7-2. Module

SubTitleIconNo08 Power Supply(Component for AC-DC Converter)

SubTitleIconNo09 Traceability

Murata Icon X General Purpose

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Resin External Electrode Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils)

Chip Inductors (Chip Coils)

Chip Ferrite Beads

3 Terminal Capacitors

Feed Through Chip EMI Filters

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Chip Common Mode Choke Coils

Microwave Absorbers

Ferrite Cores

Thin Type Sandwich Cores

Small Energy Devices