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On-demand Webinars

Power English

How Murata is changing the power density paradigm This webinar provides an overview of Murata's revolutionary new charge pump technology and how it changes the paradigm on conversion efficiency and solution size. Attendees will learn about the technology behind the Murata Semiconductor high efficiency architecture but also briefly previews the product roadmap.

Speaker: Tatsuya Kubo (Product line manager, Murata Power),
Greg Szczeszynski (Director, Architecture and IC Development, pSemi),
Stephen Allen (Snr. Director, Murata Power Division)
Date & Time (Local Time-zone): Nov 4,2020 15:00~16:00 (EST)
RFID Healthcare English

RFID in Healthcare In this webinar, we'll improve attendee's knowledge about how companies are adapting RFID/NFC in the medical field. Learn how RFID/NFC can help protect your assets.

Speaker: Gerry Hubers (Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics North America)
Date & Time (Local Time-zone): May 28,2020 14:00~15:00 (CEST)
Connectivity Modules English

Fast-track your wireless IoT production With Cypress & Murata This webinar will serve as a launchpad for developers to learn how they can easily and quickly integrate world-class Cypress Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless connectivity into their designs leveraging Murata’s module solutions.

Speaker: Scott Kerr (Senior Business Development Manager Murata Americas),
Rui Ramalho (Product Manager, Connectivity Module Murata Europe),
Gary Han (General Manager Murata Singapore)
Date & Time (Local Time-zone): Apr 7,2020 9:00~10:00 (PDT)
5G Japanese English Chinese Korean

5G: Managing component-level risks to commercial success We will discuss 5G’s future evolution, growth opportunities and challenges in 5G enhanced mobile broadband, 5G’s role in enabling massive IoT and mission-critical communications (MCS), and show how component-level risks can be managed to achieve commercial success.

Speaker: Scott Klettke (Director – Connectivity, Murata Electronics, N.A., Inc.)
Date & Time (Local Time-zone): Mar 10,2020 11:00~12:00 (EDT)
Connectivity Modules English

Effortless wireless Plug & Play connectivity for IoT: AI, voice recognition…

Speaker: Scott Kerr (Senior Business Development)
Date & Time (Local Time-zone): Dec 9,2019 13:00~14:00 (EST)