CEATEC JAPAN 2017 Session: October 3 (Tuesday) to October 6 (Friday) Venue: Makuhari Messe Our booth No.: 6Hall D293

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. participated in "CEATEC JAPAN 2017".

The theme of the Murata booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2017 will be "Enabling your innovation." As stated, we will be exhibiting various techniques/products/solutions to realize customer "Innovation."

  • 1) Variations of LPWA (= Low Power Wide Area) , which is the much-talked-about wireless communication technique enabling wide area communication with low consumption power, and the application proposals therefore
  • 2) RFID solutions which enable speedy and effective payment and inventory management in retail stores
  • 3) Energy management system which supports optimization of the use of energy in the community
  • 4) Small/high-performance parts which support IoT devices

Moreover, an IoT society cannot be realized with our techniques/products alone. We will also introduce examples of collaborations with our partner companies along with adopted examples to realize an IoT society.
Please drop by our booth with solutions in response to various needs in addition to an assortment of communication modules, sensors, power supplies, and small general-purpose parts.

Stage program

We will hold a stage show on main stage in 9 times a day. There are 2 types of presentation such as introduction of the highlight of our booth and technical presentation. Introduction of the highlight of our booth will be held on the hour every hour by MC, and technical presentation will be held on a half to the hour by developers or our business partners.
※We have a case changing without a notice at a theme of presentation and the start time.

11:00 ~ 11:15 Highlight introduction + Cheerleaders demonstration
11:30 ~ 11:40 Platform business plan by virtual sensor
13:00 ~ 13:15 Highlight introduction + Cheerleaders demonstration
13:30 ~ 13:40 High precision positioning to support an autonomous driving technology
14:00 ~ 14:15 Highlight introduction + Cheerleaders demonstration
14:30 ~ 14:40 Murata's LPWA strategy
15:00 ~ 15:15 Highlight introduction + Cheerleaders demonstration
15:30 ~ 15:40 Platform business plan by virtual sensor "Activities with business partners"
16:00 ~ 16:15 Highlight introduction + Cheerleaders demonstration

Must-see items

LPWA wireless communication techniques

LPWA, which can transmit data further and consume less power, has garnered attention. With the increasing need to detect/manage the position of things and people in a wide area in various scenes, we will conduct the following two demonstrations at our booth: detecting cars entering and leaving a parking area and controlling the availability of parking; and managing the presence information of a person. Moreover, we will introduce the features of each communication standard of LPWA along with communication modules which meet each standard.
To learn more about "What is LPWA?", please click here.
For more LPWA product details, please click here.

Smart factory monitoring system - Implementation of wireless module & sensor technology
Murata will enable monitoring of factory equipment and reduction of energy consumption at factory by introducing Multi-Radio Protocol Gateway and battery operated wireless sensor node.  Wireless implementation will free you from complicated installation process and reduce the installation cost.  The system will enable centralized management of the factory from remote location.
RFID solution
We will recreate a fictitious retail store at our booth and conduct a demonstration of an RFID solution with which, upon selecting multiple products from the showcase and placing them in a shopping basket, checkout can be automatically carried out simply by placing the shopping basket on the cash register table. This speeds up/streamlines the checkout and cash register operations at the cash register in addition to proposing real time inventory management of the display.
Click here for news release of ultra small RAIN RFID tag
Click here for news release of RAIN RFID tag for on metal use
For more solution details, please click here.
Energy management system
In terms of energy, we are in the process of changing from an age in which we sell electricity to one of self-consumption. This time, at our Murata booth, we will introduce techniques to make best use of the features of our unique and high reliability battery and realize the optimization of energy consumption.
Business Concept of a Platform that Realizes "Virtual Sensing"
Introducing the business concept of "NAONA," a platform that realizes "virtual sensing."
"NAONA" is a platform that senses spatial information that has not yet been digitalized, such as an area's mood/excitement, or the intimacy between people. This spatial information is visualized into data and provided by the “NAONA” platform.
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