Murata introduces Silver Oxide Batteries (SR) and Alkaline Manganese Batteries (LR) for Medical Devices

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has added High Drain silver oxide batteries (SR) and alkaline manganese batteries (LR) to its product lineup.

Use of silver oxide batteries (SR) and alkaline manganese batteries (LR) in medical devices such as dosing devices, insulin pumps/pens, and capsule endoscopes has been expanding recently. These types of applications perform tasks such as communication, lighting, and driving of mechanisms, so High Drain characteristics are essential.

The new products have superior load characteristics when compared to standard models and support stable High Drain. In addition, our patented mercury-free technology is able to achieve excellent leakage resistance and high safety. These mercury-free batteries are safe and secure, making them ideal for medical devices.

Key features

  • High-drain discharge characteristics: Large current and high voltage about 3 times that of conventional types can be maintained for long periods.
  • High safety: Use of patented mercury-free technology ensures safe and secure batteries that are ideal for medical use.
  • High quality and reliability: 100% made in Japan with over 40 years of manufacturing experience.

Typical applications include

  • Medical devices: Dosing devices, insulin pumps/pens, capsule endoscopes, etc.
  • IoT, other: Laser pens, audio processors, etc.


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Diameter Height Mass Nominal
*Under development
45mAh 9.5mm 2.7mm 0.78g 1.55V -10°C to 60°C
SR44R 150mAh 11.6mm 5.4mm 2.2g 1.55V -10°C to 60°C
LR44R 150mAh 11.6mm 5.4mm 2.0g 1.50V -10°C to 60°C

Production facility and schedule

Production facility Tohoku Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Koriyama Plant
(1-1 Shimosugishita, Takakura, Hiwada-machi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima 963-0531)
Production start date Mass production will progressively start from October 2020.

Please visit our website for more details on High Drain Silver Oxide Batteries (SR) and Alkaline Manganese Batteries (LR).

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