Murata introduces 03025-size 3-line common mode noise filters for the MIPI C-PHY I/F

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NFP0NCN Series


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has released the NFP0NCN series of 3-line common mode noise filters for the "MIPI*1  C-PHY" high-speed differential interface. Mass production of this new product began in April 2017.


Supplementary notes

Currently, the "MIPI D-PHY" is being used as the interface between the camera module and display module of mobile equipment.

Yearly advances in camera resolution have resulted in proportionate increases in the volume of information to be handled. This has led to the development of the MIPI C-PHY next-generation camera serial interface, which is capable of handling the transfer of larger volumes of data even at high speeds.

This C-PHY interface differs considerably from the D-PHY, which has conventionally transferred data over two lines, in that the C-PHY uses three lines to transfer data. However, conventional 2-line common mode noise filters cannot be used with the C-PHY interface because of the larger adverse effect on transmission signals.

For this reason, Murata Manufacturing has applied micro wiring technology using photolithography to join each of the three lines in the development of the "NFP0NCN series" of 03025 inch size (0.85 x 0.65 mm) 3-line common mode noise filters for the MIPI C-PHY interface.


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*1 MIPI: Mobile Industry Processor Interface

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