Murata introduces 1210-inch common mode choke coils for use with 100Base-T1

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In February 2018, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. starts mass production of the DLW32MH_XK2 series of common mode choke coils that support 100Base-T1*1 interfaces for automotive applications.


In the automotive market, there has been an acceleration of the trend toward automated driving. To achieve this, there has been an increase of electronic device units, an increase in the importance of Lightweight wire harnesses*2 that connect the various units, and growth in the introduction of high-speed differential transmission interfaces in the transmission of not only control system data but also video and audio system data. 
Legislation has led to the advancement of on-board cameras as standard equipment. There is new application of 100Base-T1 Ethernet interfaces used for the transmission of the video data of vehicle cameras used for peripheral detection.

On this occasion, Murata has miniaturized the existing DLW43MH_XK2 series of 1812-inch size (4.5 mm x 3.2 mm) common mode choke coils and has been released them as the DLW32MH_XK2 series of 1210-inch size (3.2 mm x 2.5 mm) common mode choke coils. In the future, we will be contributing to lighter weight wire harnesses and other products.

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DLW32MH_XK2 series
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Explanation of terms

100Base-T1: On-board interface providing 100 Mbps on one UTP (Unshielded Twist Pair cable)
*2. Wire harness:
A bundled cable for use in electrode supply, and signal communication applications
*February 27th, 2018  Emended some description about interfaces related to the product.

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