Lead type Common Mode Choke Coil for Power Supplies up to 18 A

  • Noise Suppression Products / EMI Suppression Filters / ESD Protection Devices


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announces the release of PLT10HN450180P0, a leaded type Common Mode Choke Coil with large-current support that is ideal for noise suppression in applications such as large consumer products.

In products such as large electronic devices, the current flow in the power supply line is large and leaded type components are generally used for noise suppression. There are many such cases where leaded type products are preferable to SMD type products.

With this in mind, Murata has expanded its product lineup by adding the PLT10HN450180P0 with large-current support (18 A) to the existing PLT10HN_P0 series of leaded type Common Mode Choke Coils. This makes it possible to use Murata products for common mode noise suppression on an even wider range of power supply lines.

Product features

  • Leaded type
  • Operating temperature range -55°C~+125°C
  • Support for large currents up to 18 A
  • Common mode impedance: Max. 45 Ω (at 10 MHz)


For large consumer products such as Power supply lines, etc.

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