LQW15CA 0402-size winding type choke inductors for audio lines

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Murata announces the launch of 0402-size (1.0mm × 0.5mm) winding type inductors for audio line choke applications.



The popularization of smartphones has given rise to the problem of reduced audio quality due to the effects on the audio line of electromagnetic noise from the communication frequency bands. In response, Murata has developed a new series of 0402-size (1.0mm × 0.5mm) winding type inductors with excellent Z characteristics in the communication frequency bands (700MHz to 2,700MHz bands).



  • Designed to reduce electromagnetic noise from communication frequency bands of smartphones and other mobile phones (approx. 700MHz to 2,700MHz).
  • Winding type inductors provide large rated current and low DC resistance.


Compact mobile equipment such as smartphones and other mobile phones

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LQW15CA series
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