Metal Alloy and other power inductors added to Murata lineup

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Metal Alloy power inductors


With the addition of TOKO, Inc. to the Murata Group, various TOKO brand power inductor products, including Metal Alloy types, have been added to the product search function of the Murata website.


We now offer a broad lineup of Metal Alloy inductors to support a variety of applications, from general power supply to automotive use. Use of Metal Alloy cores enhances DC superposition characteristics and makes it possible to support larger currents. Metal Alloy cores also help suppress problems such as core noise and provide superior characteristics such as temperature stability and reliability.

The addition of these and other products to the Murata power inductor product lineup allows us to offer a broad range, from compact size 0603(inch)/1608(mm) products to 12 mm square large-size products rated up to 50 Amp’s. 

* The part numbers have not been changed, so users of TOKO brand products can search using the original TOKO part numbers.

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In addition, we have also released website pages introducing Metal Alloy products.
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