Murata commercializes 1812 inch size broadband inductors for Bias-T circuits for use with vehicle-mounted PoC

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ("Murata" below) has commercialized the broadband inductor for Bias-T circuits for use with vehicle-mounted PoC*1 "LQW43FT_0H Series ("this product" below)." Mass production is scheduled to begin in September 2021.

  • *1PoC (Power Over Coax) : A method that combines the signal line and power line to a single coaxial cable.

With the recent popularization of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and other technologies required to achieve self-driving, vehicles are now being equipped with many high-definition vehicle-mounted cameras in order to monitor the area around the vehicle. This requires the use of many cables, and the demand for PoC cables capable of carrying both signals and power is increasing. In order to separate signals and power when using PoC, multiple inductors are normally combined to form a broadband and high-impedance filter.

This product makes use of Murata's original ceramic materials and coil structures to provide performance at an inductance of 22 μH and a rated current of 700 mA at 1812 inch size. It provides high-impedance performance over a broad range in the low frequency band (from several MHz to 100 MHz), and can be used in combination with existing Murata products (LQW32FT 0H Series [1210 inch size] and LQW21FT 0H Series [0805 inch size]) to further reduce the number of parts and mounting space required for PoC. This can help to reduce the size and weight of devices installed in vehicle-mounted cameras.
Going forward, Murata will strive to develop products to meet market needs and contribute to the shift to high-performance and high-functionality automobiles.

Major features of this product

  • 1812 inch size—the world's smallest*2 inductor for Bias-T circuits that provides both a high inductance of 22 μH and a high current of 700 mA.
  • Ideal for use as inductors for vehicle-mounted PoC used in SerDes*3 interfaces.
  • Product lineup supports a wide inductance range (10 μH to 22 μH).
  • *2 According to a survey by Murata. As of August 23, 2021.
  • *3SerDes (Serializer/Deserializer) : Circuits that convert between serial and parallel signals in each direction for high-speed data transmission.

Main specifications of this product

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Part number Inductance DC resistance
(Ω max.)
Self-resonant frequency
(MHz min.)
Rated current (mA)
Nominal value (μH) Tolerance (%) Based on inductance change Based on temperature rise
Ambient temperature 105°C Ambient temperature 125°C
LQW43FT100M0H 10 ±20 0.13 60 1000 1000 710
LQW43FT180M0H 18 ±20 0.16 40 800 845 600
LQW43FT220M0H 22 ±20 0.18 30 700 700 500

Overall benefit provided by the LQW_FT Series

LQW_FT Series products can ensure high impedance over a broad range, which can help to reduce the number of inductors required.

LQW_FT Series broadband impedance frequency curve

Product information page

Check LQW43FT_0H Series for detailed product information.

Murata in Brief

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