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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata


Murata has developed the UMAC, a small, large-capacity cylinder-type energy device.*1 This product will be exhibited at CEATEC® JAPAN 2015, to be held at Makuhari Messe from October 7 (Wed.) to 10 (Sat.), 2015.


In recent years there is growing demand for compactness, large capacity, extended cycle life (to eliminate the need for replacement), low internal resistance, fast charging and discharging, and ability to withstand load fluctuations in energy devices used in wearable devices and sensor nodes for wireless sensor networks, both product categories that are expected to achieve widespread popularity moving forward. With this in mind, Murata has developed the UMAC, a small, large-capacity energy device. The UMAC can be used as a small secondary battery in the same manner as a capacitor, but it achieves high-rate charge/discharge characteristics*2 and extended cycle life superior to conventional secondary batteries. As a power supply for wearable devices or sensor nodes for wireless sensor networks, the UMAC maintains flat voltage characteristics while accommodating a wide range of load characteristics.


1. High-rate charge/discharge
Max. charge/discharge rate (current): 10 C (30 mA)

2. High safety
The highly safe design: Because of its small capacity and the use of chemically stable materials, thermal runaway does not occur.

3. Extended cycle life
Charge (capacity) recovery rate of 90% or higher after 1,000 cycles


1. Energy device for sensor nodes of wireless sensor networks
・ High-rate discharge characteristics mean that peak-assist capacitors are not required.
・ Low self-discharge level minimizes loss of stored energy.
・ Flat voltage characteristics permit use immediately after charging starts for stable device operation.

2.  Power supply for digital pens or wearable devices
・ High-rate charge characteristics and long cycle-life characteristics enable repeated use after rapid charging.
・ Chemically stable composition allows small size and safe packaging. (Smoke or fire will not be generated even if the terminals are shorted.)

3.  Backup power supply for electric home appliances and electronic devices such as mobile phones and information terminals
High-rate discharge characteristics allow for use in a variety of backup scenarios over a wide output range.

Part number



Electric characteristics

Part number
voltage [V]
voltage [V]
voltage [V]
current [mA]
2.3 2.7 1.8 3 30 (10 C)
800 0°C to70°C

External size


Mass production will start in October 2015. Samples are available.


*1. Energy device:  Murata uses this term to refer to electricity storage elements other than capacitors.
*2. High-rate charge/discharge
The current rate at which the battery capacity is charged or discharged in one hour is defined as 1 C. As a description of battery performance, “high-rate charge/discharge characteristics” means that a large current relative to 1 C can be charged or discharged.

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