Murata introduces thin laminate energy device

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director:
Tsuneo Murata


Murata has developed the UMAL, a low-profile, large-capacity, laminate-type energy device.


Wireless sensor networks that use energy harvesting for power supply are expected to grow in popularity moving forward. Energy devices used in the sensor nodes of these networks need to be compact yet high capacity, have an extended cycle life (maintenance-free) and low internal resistance, be capable of fast charging and discharging, and be able to withstand load fluctuations. With this in mind, in October 2015 Murata introduced the UMAC cylinder-type energy device, which achieves high-rate charge/discharge characteristics and extended cycle life superior to conventional secondary batteries.
Now, in order to meet market demand for a thinner, larger-capacity device, Murata has added the UMAL laminate-type device to its product lineup. The UMAL delivers 12 mAh of capacity, low resistance of 200 mΩ, and longer cycle life characteristics than the UMAC. Murata plans to continue to expand its product lineup to meet future demand for larger capacity. 


  1. Low profile (2.0 mm), large capacity (12 mAh), low internal resistance (200 mΩ)
  2. Capable of continuous discharge at a high rate of 10 C (120 mA)
  3. Long life: Charge (capacity) recovery rate of 90% or higher after 5,000 cycles (capacity reduction of 10% or less)
  4. Constant voltage charge is possible, making charging current control unnecessary.


1. Energy device for sensor nodes of wireless sensor networks that use energy-harvesting
  • Long cycle life characteristics enable maintenance-free operation
  • High-rate discharge characteristics mean that peak-assist capacitors are not required.
  • Low self-discharge level minimizes loss of stored energy.
  • Flat voltage characteristics permit use immediately after charging starts for stable device operation.
2. Power supply for various types of wearable devices
  • High-rate charge characteristics and long cycle-life characteristics enable repeated use after rapid charging whenever use of the device is required.
  • Due to chemically stable composition, no generation of smoke or fire even if the terminals are shorted.
3. Power system backup when replacing the batteries
  • High-rate discharge characteristics allow for use in a variety of backup scenarios over a wide output range.

Part number

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Example characteristics (UMAL201421A012TA01, nominal capacity 12 mAh)

Charge and discharge cycle performance

Charging rate (25°C) CCCV charge              

Discharge characteristics (25°C)

Electric characteristics

Part number






2.3 2.7 1.8 12 120mA
200 -20°C
to 70°C

External size




Mass production is starting in July 2016.

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