Compact 2016 size crystal units for Wi-Fi devices added to lineup

  • Timing Devices (Ceramic Resonator / Crystal Unit / Oscillator)



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has recently released the XRCGB-F-S series for Wi-Fi devices. The 2.0 × 1.6 mm size high-precision crystal units are in mass production with samples available.


These products achieve an initial frequency accuracy of +/−10 ppm in the 37.4, 38.4, and 40 MHz frequency bands and an operating temperature range of −40 to +105°C. This means the components can withstand high temperatures and are ideal for applications such as lighting fixtures, HEMS/BEMS, or devices equipped with wireless functionality such as Bluetooth™ Low Energy, or Zigbee®.


Devices equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth™ functionality
Wireless modules, headsets, over-the-top (OTT), game devices, wearables, lighting fixtures, HEMS/BEMS, etc.

Part Number

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Frequency Frequency Tolerance Frequency Shift by Temperature Operating Temperature Range Part Number
37.4MHz ±10ppm ±10ppm -30 ~ +85°C XRCGB37M400F1S1AR0
±20ppm -40 ~ +105°C XRCGB37M400F1S2FR0
38.4MHz ±10ppm -30 ~ +85°C XRCGB38M400F1S1AR0
±20ppm -40 ~ +105°C XRCGB38M400F1S2GR0
40.0MHz ±10ppm -30 ~ +85°C XRCGB40M000F1S1AR0
±20ppm -40 ~ +105°C XRCGB40M000F1S2FR0


  • Murata’s exclusive package technology creates a high quality product with sustainable mass production, and superior cost-performance ratio.
  • Components are designed to enable higher mounting density for more compact products.
  • Lead-free (Phase 3) in conformance with RoHS directive.
  • Compatible with lead-free solder.

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