Introducing 0402 size chip ferrite bead for automotive power supplies

murata PE0-1700



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced the BLM15EG_SH1 series chip ferrite bead in 0402 size (1.0×0.5mm) for power lines used in automotive powertrain safety applications. While the BLM15EG_SH1 series is suited for high current in power supply lines, it has large impedance up to high frequency (vicinity of 1GHz), making it suitable for noise suppression over a wide frequency range. The product started mass production in February 2017.

Supplementary notes

Formerly, chip ferrite beads with good high frequency characteristics were difficult to use in large current applications due to the internal structure. By revising the internal structure, the BLM15EG_SH1 series aims for low resistance and achieves large current suitability. Electrical characteristics include good high frequency impedance, providing a chip ferrite bead with the high reliability needed for wide band noise suppression in automotive power supply lines.

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BLM15EG_SH1 series
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