Ceramic Capacitors FAQQWhat is the status of the “GA3” (Type GD) “Y3” series, which is a subclass of the “Y” Class capacitors under safety standard IEC60384-14. Since the Safety standard for the “Y3” series, under SEMCO (Sweden) standards has been abolished, will the production of the “GA3 Series (Type GD)” “Y3” capacitors be discontinued?

The expiration date of Type GD / Y3 certified by SEMKO (Sweden) is July 10, 2016.
However type GD series has been certificated not only by SEMKO for Y3 capacitors, but also by UL (United States) for the information appliance standard 60950-1.
We will keep the authorized acquisition of the UL information appliance standard 60950-1, and will continue to manufacture Type GD capacitors under the UL certification only.

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