Inductors FAQQWhat are the differences between the LQP03TN and LQP03TG series?

The LQP03TN series features products with a strong market record and is characterized by having industry-leading Q characteristics at the 0201 size at the time of commercialization.
(We are currently commercializing the LQP03TQ and LQP03HQ series that feature even higher Q characteristics at the same size. For products with high Q characteristics, look no further than these series.)

The LQP03TG series offers reasonably priced products with the same level of Q characteristics as multilayer products on the market, and this series is recommended when replacing multilayer products from another manufacturer.

The differences are described below.

First, there is a difference in the reference point of the inductance value.
The LQP03TN series uses a proprietary approach of providing a residual inductance value on the short chip used for short calibration when measuring the inductor. Meanwhile, the LQP03TG series uses the approach commonly used by other manufacturers in which the residual inductance value of the short chip is 0nH. While measurement instrument manufacturers agree that both approaches are correct, the current trend shows an increase in the recognition of Murata RF inductors, and the approach of providing a residual inductance value on the short chip is gaining steam even among other manufacturers.

Second, there is a difference in the internal structure design.
Each item in the LQP03TN series is optimally designed to achieve higher Q characteristics.
The LQP03TG series features a simplified internal structure to achieve Q characteristics similar to those of other manufacturers, and it offers products with characteristics similar to those of other multilayer products on the market at a reasonable price.

As a result, we recommend the LQP03TN series for users placing importance on characteristics, and the LQP03TG series for users looking to replace multilayer products at a competitive cost.

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