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What are the cleaning conditions?

Clean the chip inductor (chip coil) by the following conditions.
(1) Cleaning temperature: 60 ºC or less
However, 40 ºC or less if an alcohol cleaning agent is used.
(2) Conditions when performing ultrasonic cleaning
  Output: 20 W/l or less
  Time: 5 minutes of less
  Frequency: 28-40 kHz
  Pay attention so that the resonance phenomena does not occur to the mounted components and printed circuit board.
(3) Cleaning agent: A quality evaluation is being performed for individual products using the following cleaning agents; however, be sure to confirm that there are no problems with the actual process and actual usage conditions before use.
<1> Alcohol cleaning agent
Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
<2> Water based cleaning agent
  Pine Alpha ST-100S
  Do not use water based cleaning agents for the LQH66S, as there is a possibility of the characteristics deteriorating, or damage to the exterior.
(4) Clean sufficiently so that there is not residual flux or cleaning agent.  If a water based cleaning agent is used, after sufficiently rinsing with deionized water, dry thoroughly so that the cleaning agent does not remain.

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