Capacitors for Medical Devices

医療機器向けコンデンサ Murata capacitors support every possible kind of product in society, from household electric appliances around us, such as smart phones and LED lights, to hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, which will lead the next generation, and equipment for use in space where high reliability is required. Medical devices are, of course, no exception. 
Here, we introduce our company’s strengths, the concepts behind medical device products, and typical capacitors for medical devices.



Murata Icon X Concept Behind Capacitors for Medical Devices

The concept and way of thinking regarding reliability for consumer devices differs completely from the concept and way of thinking for high-reliability devices such as medical devices (especially, implantable medical devices) or on-vehicle devices. With consumer devices, the trend is towards priority being given toward fixed costs, whereas with high reliability devices, considerable weight is placed on reliability, and the requirement is for zero defects. In addition, their operating environment, service life and evaluation criteria are considerably different.

Murata Icon X Introducing Capacitor Products for Medical Devices

A wide lineup of characteristic Murata capacitor products is available for medical devices. Of the various medical devices available, we will be introducing typical and characteristic capacitor products for "implantable medical devices" and "portable and wearable medical devices".

Implantable Medical Devices
Portable and Wearable Medical Devices
Deep brain neuro-stimulators, stomach stimulators, artificial cochlea, drop foot appliances, cardioverters, pacemakers,
  Ultrasonic echo devices, sleep apnea syndrome devices, electro cardiograms, blood gas analyzers


Implantable Medical Devices (GCH/GCR Series)

Because implantable medical devices,インプラント型医療機器向けコンデンサ「GCH/GCRシリーズ」 as typified by cardiac pacemakers, must be embedded in the body, a key issue is to lessen the impact on the human body by making devices smaller in size (or low-invasive). As such, in recent years, there has been an increasing need to make these devices more compact. This is why Murata developed and put onto the market medical grade multilayer ceramic capacitors that feature a compact size, large capacity and high reliability for implantable medical devices.
This has enabled the high-density design of implantable medical devices that has helped make devices even more compact in size. The GCH/GCR Series for implantable medical devices has been screened to ensure that the initial failure rate is lower than that of the MLCC for consumer devices. Also, it has been designed to have a longer service life. In humidity load tests, thermal shock cycles and other tests, the required specifications for MLCC for high-reliability devices are considerably different from those for MLCC for consumer devices. Although the circuits of implantable medical devices can be separated into life support and non-life support circuits, Murata recommends the GCR Series for life support circuits and the GCH Series for non-life support circuits, and makes the following recommendations for the following implantable devices.

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Portable and Wearable Medical Devices (GRM Series)

To improve QOL (Quality of Life),GRMシリーズ medical sites are in the process of transforming from hospital-based care sites to the home and from the home to portable sites. Amid this trend, the required mode for medical devices is changing from a benchtop to a portable mode, and from a portable to a wearable mode, which has increased the demand for even smaller products to be used in wearable devices.
Murata’s ultra-compact MLCC has been developed and mass-produced ahead of competitors in response to this trend of downsized medical devices. A typical example is the GRM Series. This Series has proven to be a popular product in markets where more compact products are required in smart phones and other devices, and we will further develop compact, larger capacity products.


Murata Icon X Strengths of Murata Capacitor


1.High Quality

- The highest quality in the world proves that Murata is No. 1. -
Murata capacitors are used in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles by the leaders of the coming generation as well as in spacecraft instruments where high reliability is demanded. Furthermore, Murata capacitors support high-performance mobile phones, smart phones, familiar home appliances such as energy saving LED lighting, and each and every product in society. Murata's technology and reliability continue to be highly praised.

- Murata products have been selected for use in the famous asteroid explorer, Hayabusa, artificial satellites, and submarine optical cable relay stations. - 
Artist's Image of the Hayabusa in Space Murata ceramic capacitors have earned a good reputation and are now adopted in fields requiring a high level of reliability, artificial satellites and submarine optical cable relay stations among them, in recognition of Murata's design technologies, mass production technologies and evaluation/analysis technologies, which it has developed over many years Murata is the only domestic multilayer ceramic capacitors company approved by JAXA and have been widely adopted in the well-known asteroid probe, Hayabusa, the weather and communication satellite, Himawari, the robotic cargo spaceship (HTV) Konotori, which supplies the International Space Station, and in other areas of international communications. 

* Asteroid Probe "Hayabusa" 
The Hayabusa was launched on May 9, 2003 to bring surface material from the asteroid "Itokawa" back to earth, and returned on June 13, 2010. This probe was launched with a plan to establish sample return technology for the first time in history.

- Good equipment systems are created from good parts and good designs, and good parts are created from good materials and good processes. -

Murata established a "Basic Quality Control Policy"医療機器向けコンデンサ_一貫して管理する品質管理体制 that collectively controls all phases from design, selection of material, procurement, production, and sales to service.  Based on the point of view of "good equipment systems are created from good parts and good designs, and good parts are created from good materials and good processes," Murata continuously develops unique products to open up new fields.

2.Extensive Lineup

Murata offers the No. 1 most abundant lineup in the industry, responding to all possible needs, and proposing ideal solutions.

Ceramic Capacitor

3.Market Performance

Murata does business with manufacturers across the globe, and Murata parts are utilized in all kinds of electronics worldwide—from the home appliances we use in our everyday lives, to equipment that demands absolute reliability such as automobiles, aerospace instruments, and implanted medical devices like pacemakers. The total number of multilayer ceramic capacitors Murata has sold overall is close to nine trillion and still increasing! If nine trillion 0603 Size (1.6 x 0.8mm) capacitors were lined up one next to the other, they would stretch from the Earth to the Moon and back almost 18 times! The applications where Murata capacitors play a vital role will only continue to grow. 

4.Worldwide Sales and Supply Structure

 For List of ISO14001 Certified Plants (production plants for ceramic capacitors): LINK

5.Development Ability

The thin layer technology of the dielectric layer is an important point in the compactness and large capacity Murata strives for in our capacitors. We have established a processing technology to control the size and shape of the grains of the ceramic powder at high accuracy, and to distribute it equally at high density.
Thinner, smaller, and more accurate. Murata continues to create leading-edge capacitors.