Murata's SMD piezoelectric sounders have proven to be popular.

The SMD sounders (surface mounted type) are available for new designs or existing products that are looking to replace a pin type or electromagnetic sounder.
Recently Murata has noticed an increase in interest for our SMD Piezoelectric Sounders over the other options available to the market
Why ?

Murata Icon X Six reasons why Murata's SMD sounders are selected

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Thickness: about 70% slimmer
*compared with our products
Ideal for compact health care and wearable devices, etc.
Batteries last longer

Produces the highest sound pressure level across the entire industry. *Researched by Murata
Mounting only.
Complicated diaphragms / housing designs are not required.

The product can be used reliably with less deterioration in the sound pressure due to the thermal load.
This product has been used for many years in automotive applications as well as with the design and manufacturing technology accumulated by Murata.

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Murata offer free samples. You can request it from my Murata or the inquiry form.
5pcs free sample request For sample, send your inquiry to Murata
* Please use the inquiry form to request a sample of the PKMCS1818E20A1-R1as this is a new product.
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Murata Icon X Details of six reasons

Small size and low profile

Size comparison between SMD and pin type (Unit : mm)
Pin Type

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Low current consumption

Murata's SMD Sounders
Common electromagnetic buzzer
(Size of about 10x10 mm)
0.3 mA
0.5 mA
20 mA
* Input signal: ±1.5 Vo-p, 4 kHz, square wave
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High sound pressure (High sound volume)

The PKMCS1818E20A0-R1 achieves 100 dB (Typ).
* @2kHz, +12 Vo-p square wave, 10 cm
  • Please see below for comparison data on the pin type, 2 kHz product.
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Easy assembly

  • Complicated diaphragms / housing designs are not required. Murata's SMD sounders are finished with the optimal acoustic design.
  • When full SMD is used, the flow process can be eliminated in the mounting process (including bonding of SMD components).

Low characteristic fluctuation before and after reflow

The product can be used without concern of an effect from the thermal load. Click here for detailed data.
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For Automotive

Severe reliability conditions (e.g.: Equivalent to AEC-Q200) are guaranteed.
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<Application examples>
  • ETC, Electric slide doors, Drive recorders and RKE answerback
  • Clusters (Use of seat belts, Lights ON/OFF, Reverse range, Parking assist, Driving lane keep, Various alarms and key touch sounds)