AMR Sensors FAQQWhat is internal sampling?

  • Some AMR sensor products have an internal sampling function to reduce the level of current consumption.
  • Continuous flow of the current through the magnetoresistive element results in the use of several mA. To reduce the current used to several μA for the entire AMR sensor, the timing that current flows through the magnetoresistive element is adjusted.
  • A long intermittent cycle can result in incorrect Hi/Lo determination, and so if using a fast-moving magnet, an AMR sensor with a suitable response frequency must be selected.
  • Immediately after the AMR sensor power is turned on, IC startup may be unstable, and so the Hi/Lo determination may be output incorrectly. Set so that the determination is not read until the circuit stabilizes immediately after the power is turned on. The stabilization time varies by product, and so see the datasheet for the respective product.

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