AMR Sensors (Magnetic Sensors)

AMR Sensor
These products are magnetic sensors using AMR elements whose resistance varies according to the strength or direction of the magnetic field. Combination with a magnet permits non-contact rotation detection or position detection.

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There are two types of sensors: magnetic switches with a built-in IC that outputs High/Low digital signals according to the magnetic strength and analog output type switches whose output voltage varies according to the magnetic field. 
Magnetic switches are most commonly used for cylinder position detection, smart meters, and open/close detection of single-lens reflex cameras, video cameras, refrigerators, etc. 
Analog output type switches help reduce the size and power consumption of encoders for machine tools.

Analog output type switches for encoders

Tamper Detection

Position/Rotation Detection
-General-Purpose Type-

Rotation Detection
-High accuracy resonators Type-

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Characteristics, dimensions, features, and applications of AMR sensors