AMR Sensors FAQQChattering

  • Chattering is a state of repetitive switching between on and off for a short time immediately after switching on or off.
  • AMR sensors do not have chattering, but in certain rare cases, an operation similar to chattering can occur depending on the use of a power supply and capacitor.

    Some situations where this could occur are as follows.
    • For the supply voltage of the AMR sensor, because the primary-side voltage is high, this is adjusted by dividing the voltage using resistors.
    • There is no capacitor near the AMR sensor.
    In internal sampling for the AMR sensor, there are moments where large currents are used. If there is not enough supplied power at these moments, the voltage temporarily drops, and the correct output may not be obtained.
    Also, this situation is more likely to occur in a magnetic field around the ON level.
    Be aware that repetitive switching may occur between Hi and Lo in the same way as chattering. (This requires corrective measures such as by not dividing the voltage or by placing a large capacitor nearby.)

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