AMR Sensors FAQQWhat points should be focused on in the surrounding environment?

  • When examining placement and conducting design, be aware of the direction and size of the magnetic force lines emanating from the magnet in a 3D space. Even when a magnet is close, the sensor may be unable to turn on unless the direction of the magnetic force lines matches the sensor detection direction, and the sensitivity may appear to drop if the magnetic force lines reach the sensor at a slant. If the preliminary study is inadequate, unexpected operation could occur in the prototype or mass-production processes.
  • The strength of the magnetic force lines changes based on the temperature.
  • Determine the placement so that the magnetic force is sufficiently larger than the sensor ON sensitivity at the ON position and is sufficiently smaller than the OFF sensitivity at the OFF position.
  • If there is another magnet or magnetic body (such as a metal plate reacting to the magnet), it could affect the sensor and result in an unexpected operation. Because it is difficult to provide guidelines for the affected range, try to make a design that provides as much separation as possible.

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