AMR Sensors FAQQWhat are the differences between the magnetic switches for open/close detection and those for rotation detection?

  • The detection methods of magnetic fields are different.
    • In sensors for open/close detection, strong/weak magnetic forces indicate that the distance from the magnet is far or near.
    • In sensors for rotation detection, when the magnetic force lines are rotated on the same plane as the sensor package, the direction of the magnetic force lines either matches the detection direction or does not match the detection direction. 。
  • Operation differences
    • Be aware that, when an AMR sensor for open/close position detection is used in a rotation system, the range of the angle that can turn on the sensor is narrower than the angle that it turns off.
    • If AMR sensors for rotation detection are used for open/close or position detection, they may be unable to turn off even if there is no magnetic field, and so they should not be used.

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