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The High Drain lithium coin batteries are ideal for tracking devices for logistics and asset management by adopting Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks such as LoRa and SIGFOX as well as for outdoor infrastructures, FA control systems and environment monitoring sensors.

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Series Lineup

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  *Nominal capacity indicates duration until discharge voltage drops down to 2.0V when discharged at nominal discharge current at 23 deg. C.
  *Data is not guaranteed, and is provided for reference purposes only.
For special sizes or specifications not included in the above list, please consult a sales representative.

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High Drain Lithium Coin atteries for IoT Devices
Excellent high-current discharge performance to support Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) data transmission. Ideal for tracking devices for logistics and asset management, FA control systems and environment monitoring sensors.

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Murata Icon X Feature

  • Maximum pulse discharge current*1 - About double compared to conventional type!
    Compared to the Standard, the High Drain maintains high current even when the discharge continues. The maximum pulse discharge current*1 has been doubled to 50mA compared to that of Standard. This model can now be used for LPWA communication devices, such as LoRa with high peak currents, etc. which was difficult to be handled with the coin lithium battery in the past*2.

    *1 Maximum current of pulsed discharge (3 seconds) at 2V or higher discharged with 50% nominal capacity at an ambient temperature of 23ºC
    *2 Peak current may vary according to the using environment and conditions of use

  • Capacity usage rate, about 3 times compared to conventional type!*3
    Compared with the Standard, since the High Drain can maintain a high voltage even when the discharge continues, the capacity of the battery can be used effectively.

    *3 Pulsed discharge at 45mA for 3 seconds and no discharge for 33 seconds at an ambient temperature of 23ºC