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Improving service by individual identification of products through whole supply chain has been getting more attention. This video clip explains the examples of how to utilize data using Murata RFID micro tag.

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Challenges with existing methods

  • Barcode, 2D code, or RFID label is not suitable for some products due to size restriction.
  • Not durable with harsh environment (e.g. temperature, pressure).
  • Not able to track products after sales.

Murata offers...

Small, robust, and embeddable RFID tag.
Lineup covering various products and applications.
Posiibility to use data through entire supply chain.

Why Murata RFID micro tag?

Small and robust

Murata possesses the knowledge and technology based on its material development history, which is highly relied upon in various industries. These knowledge and technology for ceramic enable us to provide one of the smallest and the most robust RFID tag in the world.

Line up covering various application

Murata has lineup of RFID tag covering various use case and products, including small embeddable tag. Generally it is difficult to read RFID tag on metal object. However, Murata also offers the RFID tag which is suitable for on-metal application.

Data utilization throughout entire supply chain

As micro tag is embeddable inside products, it can be used from production until after sales. Data can be utilized through out supply chain by writing and reading micro tags (e.g. manufacturing information, individual setting).

Global sales network and technical support

Murata's own antenna/application engineers with deep knowledge of wireless communication offer technical support for implementation. Also Murata has global sales network, such as the US, Europe, China, to support implementation in world wide.

Micro tag vs. other methods

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2D code
RFID label Murata
Micro tag
Reading method Optical Electromagnetic induction (HF band)
Radio wave (UHF band)
Minimum size Around 4x4mm Several x several cm 1.2x1.2mm
Read/Write Rewrite data Not possible Possible
Read range Up to 1m Up to 30cm (HF band)
Up to 10m (UHF band)
Up to 20mm
(HF/UHF band)
Subject of reading 1 by 1 Bulk 1 by 1 / Bulk
On-metal application Readable Not readable
(Except for special label)
Readable in some cases
Metal: No
Paper: No
Plastic: No
Metal: No
Paper: Yes
Plastic: Yes
Dirt No Yes
Injection molding No No Yes
Robustness No No Yes

Murata micro tag is small, has good readability with 1 by 1, and resistant to harsh environment, in addition to existing RFID feature.

Feature of Murata micro tag

Use case of micro tag

Offering the solution for the challenges with existing methods, now more industries and applications can utilize RFID. Here are the examples of use cases by our customers.

Wearable devices


Management of products throughout supply chain Efficient Indicidual setting and authentication.

Luxury items


Gray market control
Brand protection

Surgical tools


Efficient count/identification of surgical tools
6 Efficient preperation for surgical operation
Optimization of surgical tools for surger

Medical devices


Prevention of wrong usage
Automatic setting for each attachment

Biologic samples


Efficient count/identification of samples
Prevent picking up wrong samples

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