SensorsPTC Thermistor(Overheat protector) PRF Series

PTC Thermistor (Overheat protector)
PRF Series
Application: Over heat protection for general, automotive, healthcare equipment

PTC resistance is steady at room temperature, but its resistance will increase rapidly at a given temperature.

This resistance change can be utilized for judging overheating or not.

  • Over heat protection for FET, power ICs, and other abnormal heating area.
  • Dimensions:(PRF15)1005, (PRF18)1608, (PRF21)2012
  • Temperature Characteristics/Curie Point:(AR)120degC,(AS)130degC,(BA)110degC,(BB)100degC,(BC)90degC,(BD)80degC,(BE)70degC,(BF)60degC,(BG)50degC,120degC(AR)

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