Timing Devices (MEMS Resonator / Crystal Unit / Ceramic Resonator / Oscillator)CERALOCK

Smart Meter Block Diagram

"Ceramic resonators" are used in the displays, ultrasonic flowmeter sensors, and microcomputers equipped in various smart meters (power, gas, heat, waterworks) while "crystal units" are used in the ICs for wired and wireless communication, and "piezoelectric sounders" are used for data reading check sound devices. 

This section introduces "ceramic resonators (CERALOCK)." 

Reasons Why Our Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK) are Selected

①IC-timing device search tool / SimSurfing

  1. Enter the search conditions (IC name, etc.)
  2. Press the Search button
  3. The optimal IC circuit information is displayed

Try using it right away

You can easily confirm the recommended circuit conditions for various ICs.

②Simple circuit configuration

Compact size and enables the number of components to be reduced.

CERALOCK is more compact than conventional crystal units. Furthermore, because Murata CERALOCK has two built-in capacitors, two external capacitors are not needed. 

③Frequency waveform stability (low jitter)

Jitter is one indicator of the quality of a digital signal. Jitter primarily refers to the "timing fluctuation" of a digital signal. When the mutual timing relationship between circuits and devices deteriorates due to jitter, the system malfunctions and the accuracy decreases.

Jitter is reduced by using CERALOCK

The timing between circuits does not deteriorate, system malfunction is avoided, and accuracy is maintained.

Jitter occurs frequently in the built-in oscillation circuit of an IC

The timing between circuits deteriorates, and system malfunctions or declines in accuracy may occur. 

Introduction to Murata Products for Smart Meters & Sample Application

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