Introducing a new CERALOCK® utilizing base metal electrode technology

  • Timing Devices (Ceramic Resonator / Crystal Unit / Oscillator)



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd has put into commercial production a new base metal type CERALOCK®, which is a chip type ceramic resonator, intended for use in the MHz band. This product has migrated away from using precious metal (palladium) as the substrate inter-layer electrode material. Mass-production is scheduled to commence in April 2018.

Murata’s CERALOCK® uses a unique multilayer technology to form the necessary load capacitance for the oscillator on the base board.
The conventional product’s*1 base substrate contain a precious metal (palladium) as the material for the inter-layer electrode. In contrast, the newly released CSTNR-G-C/L, CSTNE-G, and CSTNE-V series utilize nickel instead of the traditional palladium. This process has eliminated latent issues of supply risk and steep price increases that are typically associated with precious metals.

The electrical characteristics, environmental durability, external dimensions and electrode patterns remain unchanged*2.
Consequently, the new product can directly replace the conventional product.


*1 Conventional products: CSTCR-G-C/L, CSTCE-G, and CSTCE-V series

*2 In the case of some conventional products, the electrode pattern is to be changed.
Please contact us for details.

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