FORTELION Battery SystemFORTELION High Output Battery Module

【Energy storage module for high-output applications】

This energy storage module utilizes FORTELION olivine type lithium iron phosphate lithium ion secondary batteries.
A high-input, high-output energy storage module capable of 200A continuous discharge (6C equivalent) and 100A continuous charge (3C equivalent), it is ideal for applications requiring high input and high output, such as countermeasures to deal with momentary voltage drops during natural disasters, backup systems, and stabilization of renewable energy sources.


【Maximum 6C discharge and 3C charge】

Higher input and output, and increased energy density;
A single module is capable of 200A maximum discharge current (6C equivalent)* and 100A maximum charge current (3C equivalent).*

* Determined by operating conditions.

【Suitable for 19-inch racks】

The energy storage module fits 19-inch racks that are widely used for ICT equipment such as servers and network devices as well as in a variety of other settings.

【Utilizes FORTELION batteries】

The energy storage module utilizes FORTELION olivine type lithium iron phosphate lithium ion secondary batteries that are very safe and deliver superior storage and cycle characteristics.

Supports continuous discharge up to 200A (6C)

The structure and circuit design of the energy storage module are optimized to realize 200A continuous discharge from SOC 100% to 0%.
This enables the energy storage module to output large amounts of power, making it an ideal solution for short-term backup applications and systems designed to compensate for momentary voltage drops.

  • Constant current (CC)
    discharge characteristics

  • Constant current, constant voltage (CCCV)
    charge characteristics


【Highly thermostable and highly resistant to thermal runaway】

The FORTELION lithium ion secondary batteries used in the energy storage module employ olivine type lithium iron phosphate cathodes with a stable crystalline structure that is very resistant to breakdown, and this solid structure makes the battery extremely unlikely to experience thermal runaway even if an unexpected power supply accident or disaster should occur.

FORTELION is the first lithium ion secondary battery to obtain fire protection certification (storage battery equipment type approval certified) under the technical standards of the Fire Service Act of Japan, and is the first in Japan to obtain the international standard UL9540A report.
Furthermore, this level of safety means that unlike conventional lithium ion batteries, FORTELION batteries can be used in densely populated locations such as office buildings. The energy storage module can be installed in settings with narrow gaps between battery panels and where space is limited.


Model Name MPRMH1701
Rated capacity 1.75kWh
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Maximum charge current 100A
Maximum discharge current 200A
Operating ambient temperature range −20°C to +50°C
Dimensions(dimensions of the main unit) W435×H80×D570mm
Weight 26kg
Safety Standard UL1973

Application examples

Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)

Particularly suitable for backup durations of one to five minutes, although performance is affected by the load on the connected devices.

Elevator systems enabling continuation of operation in case of power interruption

Suitable for absorbing sudden fluctuations in high-input, high-output applications, such as elevators.

Supplementary off-grid solar power systems | Renewable energy

Suitable for supplementary power systems utilizing electricity generated by off-grid sources such as solar power.