ETSC / EXSC Series

High temperature wire-bondable capacitor up to 250℃

The ETSC and EXSC series are designed to be compliant with high temperature wire bond technologies with Aluminum pads for Aluminum wedge bonding and gold pads on request for gold wire bonding. These capacitors feature low profile (250µm), low leakage current and high operating temperature (ETSC up to 200℃/ EXSC up to 250℃) with high stability with temperature, voltage and negligible capacitance loss through aging. Applications include downhole industries, decoupling, filtering, charge pump, replacement of X8R and C0G dielectrics, and high reliability applications, mainly for Multi-Chip Module assemblies.

Murata Icon X Key features

  • Ultra High operating temperature
    1. - ETSC: up to 200℃
    2. - EXSC: up to 250℃
  • Low profile (250µm)
  • High stability (temperature, voltage and aging)
  • Low leakage current
  • High reliability

Murata Icon X Key applications

  • All applications up to 250℃, such as aerospace, downhole and automotive industries
  • High reliability applications
  • Replacement of X7R/X8R and C0G dielectrics
  • Decoupling / Filtering / Charge pump(i.e.: motor management, temperature sensors)
  • Downsizing

Murata Icon X ETSC / EXSC series Specification

Parameter Value
Capacitance range 390pF to 4.7µF
Capacitance tolerances ±15%(*)
Operating temperature range -55℃ to 200℃ for ETSC
-55℃ to 250℃ for EXSC
Storage temperature range -70℃ to 265℃(*2) for EXSC
Temperature coefficient +60ppm/K
Breakdown Voltage (BV) 11VDC or 30VDC
Capacitance variation versus RVDC 0.1%/V (from 0 to RVDC)
Insulation resistance 100GΩ @ 3V, @ 25℃, t>120s, for 100nF
Aging Negligible, < 0.001% / 1000h
Reliability FIT<0.017 parts / billions hours
Capacitor height 250µm

(*) Other values on request (*2) w/o packing

Murata Icon X Series Lineup
High Temp. Wirebondable Si Capacitors
from -55℃ to 200℃
Part number Capacitance BV
Case size Thickness
935124730510-xxA 10nF 30V 0202 250µm
935124421610-xxA 100nF 11V 0404 250µm
935124733610-xxA 100nF 30V 0605 250µm
935124422622-xxA 220nF 11V 0505 250µm
935124424710-xxA 1µF
11V 1208 250µm
935124736710-xxA 1µF
30V 1616 250µm
935124425722-xxA 2.2µF
11V 1612 250µm
935124426733-xxA 3.3µF
11V 1616 250µm
935124427747-xxA 4.7µF
11V 2016 250µm
Extreme Temp. Wirebondable Si Capacitors
from -55℃ to 250℃
Part number Capacitance BV
Case size Thickness
935125421610-xxA 100nF 11V 0404 250µm
935125422622-xxA 220nF 11V 0505 250µm
935125424710-xxA 1µF
11V 1208 250µm
935125425722-xxA 2.2µF
11V 1612 250µm
935125426733-xxA 3.3µF
11V 1616 250µm
935125427747-xxA 4.7µF
11V 2016 250µm
935125730510-xxA 10nF 30V 0202 250µm
935125733610-xxA 100nF 30V 0605 250µm
935125736710-xxA 1µF
30V 1616 250µm

For other values, contact your Murata sales representative.

Murata Icon X PDF Catalog

PDF documents related to silicon capacitors can be downloaded below

Commercial leaflet ETSC V4.6_Murata (PDF: 0.9 MB)

  • UPDATE 2/20/2018
Download PDF

Commercial leaflet EXSC V4.4_Murata (PDF: 0.8 MB)

  • UPDATE 2/20/2018
Download PDF

Assembly Note ETSC / EXSC_V1.9_Murata (PDF: 0.7 MB)

  • UPDATE 2/2/2018
Download PDF