EMI Suppression Filters (EMC and Noise Suppression)Noise Suppression Product PLT10H (Common Mode Choke Coil)
Interview episode 3

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Interview with the Development Team

The smallest Large Current Noise Filter. Skillful Product Development

<Episode 1> Conformity between a customer's needs and our own ideas at Murata started the development.

<Episode 2> As well as the product's specifications, we also considered downsizing and quality control.

<Episode 3> The PLT10H supports your design. Message from the development team:

Now, how would you like customers to use the PLT10H in their designs?

Tsuda responding at the interview (Technical & Sales Dept.)

Yamagishi responding at the interview (Development & Plant)

For customers in the automobile use market and customers in the consumer product market.
The product can be used in various applications.

Tsuda: I would like customers to use this product when they want to immediately suppress noise in a limited time. In many cases, noise problems occur in the final phase of a design. I believe that many designers have great difficulty with noise suppression while worrying about design deadlines. Since there are limitations on boards for noise suppression at this time, a noise filter with a smaller mounting area is convenient. This hybrid type PLT10H can handle both common mode and normal mode noise on one component, so it will contribute to a reduction of time taken by noise suppression.
Naturally, I believe that if the PLT10H is included in the initial design phase to prevent noise, it can suppress noise problems in power lines in advance.

Takashima: For example, this product is being used by automobile manufacturers and customers of leading applications (EV related) around the world.

Tsuda: To date, we have mainly introduced the PLT10H to automobile manufacturers. However, when we introduced this product to customers in the consumer product market, we found that many customers had problems with noise suppression of large currents. We now know that a hybrid large current noise filter is also required by customers in the consumer product market.

Takashima: As for target applications in the consumer product market, the use of this product is being considered to stabilize the operation of control circuits for health appliances, power tools, automatic towels, amusement equipment, and FA equipment, fields where it is actually being used.

Yamagishi: In the case of LED headlights, the switching noise of the power lines tends to be emitted. We strongly recommend that the PLT10H be used in locations of high speed switching where such problems tend to occur.
While continuously checking noise regulation trends in various markets, we will continue to develop new products such as the PLT10H.

Would you tell me about the support system before and after purchase?

We would like to support customers through the dissemination of information on the website, and through consultation.

Takashima responding at the interview (Product Planning Dept.)

Takashima: We provide samples to customers who would like to try out the PLT10H. For customers considering a quantity of products above a certain level, we can also customize products that satisfy their required performance. We also accept inquiries about increasing the rated current or impedance value.

Yamagishi: As a future development, we will promote further increases in the current and impedance.

Tsuda: Even when we have developed an effective product, it is useless if the customers do not know about the product. Until now, we have had little contact with small- to medium-sized companies. However, in the future, we would like to provide technical information through our website, offer know-how on the use of our products, and accept inquiries.

Finally, do you have a message for customers?

Takashima: We will solve the noise problems of power lines in one shot.
Use our products to reduce your design workload.

Yamagishi: We carefully select materials and manufacture products by processes that utilize the technological skill that Murata has already cultivated. Please use our products with confidence.

Tsuda: The PLT10H is filled with technology and know-how concerning Murata's smallest components. Since we are also expanding component technology for automobile use, we can achieve high reliability.
We would like to take advantage of this product as an opportunity to further enhance the point of contact with customers concerning large current applications with high reliability.
Please contact Murata Manufacturing if you have any concerns with noise suppression or other problems.

Koichi Takashima, Product Planning Dept. / Minoru Yamagishi, Development & Plant / Yohei Tsuda, Technical & Sales Dept.

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