RF InductorRF Inductors - Comparison of Coil Patterns and Coil Components

The comparison between coil patterns and coil components is introduced in the following.
* Murata refers to inductors suitable for use in high frequency circuits as "high frequency inductors" and "RF inductors".

Why use chip inductors?

If the inductor has a low inductance, by drawing the pattern on the circuit board, the inductor function can be acquired.
Nevertheless, the merits of using a chip inductor are described in the following.

- Reason 1: Space-saving -

When forming an inductor pattern on a board (or inner layer of a board) , a plane configuration is basically used.
However, since the chip inductor is formed in a cubic configuration, more space can be saved than with an inductor pattern on a board.
* Particularly, when an inductor of 10 nH or more is required, greater space-saving is possible.

Chip InductorThe cubic configuration saves space.

When an inductor pattern is drawn
The plane configuration requires more space.

Chip Inductor
The cubic configuration saves space.

- Reason 2: Easy Fine Adjustments -

When performing impedance matching, the inductance value may have to be changed repeatedly to make adjustments.
In order to change the inductance value in a patterned inductance, normally it is necessary to change the board, and adjustments can not be performed easily.
However, since the inductance value is prepared in fine steps in the chip inductance, the matching adjustment can be performed just by changing the component.

Inductor drawn in a pattern
Redesigning of the board is required to adjust the inductance.

Chip Inductor
Adjustment can be performed by replacing the component.

- Reason 3: Guaranteed Characteristics -

When the inductor is configured in a pattern on the board, the characteristics of the board material varies and by the variation of the processing accuracy, the characteristics of the inductor vary.
Since the inductance is selected at the time of shipment for all chip inductors, the variation of the inductance value is guaranteed to below the constant value.
Therefore, chip inductors can contribute to the manufacturing of devices with a stable performance.

Inductor drawn in a pattern Variation of characteristics cannot be predicted

Inductor drawn in a pattern
Variation of characteristics cannot be predicted

Chip Inductor Performance guaranteed by manufacturer

Chip Inductor
Performance guaranteed by manufacturer