Inductor for power lines

Main type:

  • Wound Metal alloy
  • Multilayer type
  • Wound Ferrite Core
Inductor for power lines Main type: Wound Metal alloy/ Multilayer type / Wound Ferrite Core

We have an extensive lineup of inductors covering a wide range of sizes from 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm to 12 mm square, which are manufactured using multiple techniques that include metal alloy wire wound construction technique and ferrite multilayer technique.
We offer the optimum inductors for a wide range of applications including wearable devices, smartphones, medical applications, industrial electronics, and on board devices.

Structure Description Series
Metal alloy
Supports high current by using metal materials in which magnetic saturation does not occur so easily. This product can be used for a wide range of high current power circuits from smart phones to industrial electronics and automotive device applications. DFEC/DFES series
FDSD series
The features of this product is its small size and low profile. For example, 2012 or smaller footprint and 0.6mm height. This is ideal for low power circuits, including wearable devices and smartphones. LQM series
Ferrite Core
A feature of this product is the extensive lineup which supports an inductance of 100 uH or more. It is suitable for step-up power supply circuits in backlights, and choke applications. LQH series
DEM series

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