• Enhanced performance with the 2nd generation BCG-solution
  • Opens new possibilities for patient monitoring and elderly care in hospitals, assisted living and even at homes
  • Embedded heart and respiration rate and beat-to-beat time signal processing enabling patient monitoring from bed occupancy to sleep analysis

  • Component level solution comprising the pre-programmed microcontroller BCGMCU-D01 and the SCL3300-D01 inclination sensor
  • Targeted for equipment manufacturers

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Murata Icon X Series Lineup

Part Number Supply Voltage (V) * Current Consumption
(mA) **
Output Data Rate (ODR) (Hz) Pulse Detection range (bpm)
BCGMCU-D01 3.3 < 6.7 1 40-120

* Please check EFM32PG1B100F256GM32 and SCL3300-D01 datasheets for details
** When computing the BCG-algorithm

Order code Description Quantity Package
BCGMCU-D01-004 BCGMCU sample 4 pcs Bulk
BCGMCU-D01-1 BCGMCU on T&R 100 pcs T&R
BCGMCU-D01-10 BCGMCU on T&R 1000 pcs T&R
BCGMCU-D01-PCB Reference design PCB and development tool 1 pc Bulk

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See FW upgrade specification for example on Firmware upgrades.