Infrared SensorsLEAD TYPE (IRA-S Series)


IRA series offers pyroelectric infrared sensor that deliver high sensitivity and reliable performance made possible by Murata's ceramic technology. Used mainly in security equipment. Combining performance with low costs, the IRA-S series makes it easier to use pyroelectric infrared sensor in security application and general consumer equipment.

  • Body temperature cannot be measured with this product.
LEAD TYPE (IRA-E Series, IRA-S Series)

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Series Lineup


  • Applies pyroelectric ceramic technology based on ceramic technologies cultivated by Murata
  • High-performance products with superior signal-to-noise characteristics and little variation
  • Low current consumption


  • General electronic devices: ex) human body detection in lighting and doorbells and wake-up features in thermostats and other devices
  • Applications in the security field: intrusion detection and human body detection