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Do you need a lot of design and development resources to select inductors for Bias-T circuits?

  • Increasing importance of high-speed for automotive
  • Components selection expertise to confirm criteria values
  • A circuit configuration combining multiple inductors is required

Impact of increasingly present high-speed automotive networks

Numerous cameras and sensors are installed in automobiles to improve functionality, such as self-driving and ADAS. As a result, high-speed automotive networks are increasingly important for transferring the information detected by these cameras and sensors to ECUs.
Adoption of PoC (Power Over Coaxial) is advancing as a high-speed transfer method that performs the transfer with a single coaxial cable by superimposing the power onto the data transfer interface.

Typical PoC system circuit

Required expertise and time to clear standards

When using the PoC (Power Over Coaxial) method, it is necessary to design Bias-T circuits to prevent high frequency signals from flowing into power lines that have low load impedance.
This design requires expertise to select combinations of components that can clear the criteria values to be met as the Bias-T circuit characteristics provided by IC manufacturers and Tier-1 and OEM companies. Furthermore, the design time is increased.

Murata Icon X Bias-T Inductor Selection Tool

Troublesome components selection is performed automatically, helping to reduce the needed design resources!

The Bias-T Inductor Selection Tool supports the selection of inductors for Bias-T circuits. An algorithm based on knowledge gained through Murata's application research proposes the optimal combination of components.

Main features of the Bias-T Inductor Selection Tool

  • Combinations of components that clear the target criteria can be identified just by making simple condition settings.
  • By uploading specific criteria values, combinations of components that clear those criteria can be selected.
  • By making more detailed settings such as the board information, simulations can be performed having greater consistency with actual measurements.
  • Selections that take into account Murata's design research knowledge can be proposed.

Simple operations increase efficiency

The Bias-T Inductor Selection Toolproposes the optimal combination of PoC bias inductors including part numbers just by making simple settings in 3 steps.
  • STEP1

    Select the circuit and criteria.
  • STEP2

    Set the rated current value.
  • STEP3

    Click the "Optimize" button.
The optimal combination of inductors
including part numbers is proposed.

The simulation results using the proposed combination of inductors are displayed.

  • Graph display of
    S21, S11, S21/S11, and Z
  • Pass/Fail
    relative to criteria
  • Margin
    relative to criteria
  • Total DCR value
  • CSV output
    of graph data
  • Total occupied area

An operation manual is available.

This operation manual includes detailed introductions of tool functions such as circuits that can be simulated and board stray capacitance settings, and also provides numerous examples of tool usage.

Demonstration video available

This video explains Bias-T Inductor Selection Tool operations in an easy-to-understand manner.
Here is a brief explanation of the procedure on how to use our Bias-T Inductor Design Support Tool to automatically select PoC bias-T inductors that satisfy the criteria and filter the selection results.

Murata Icon X Frequently asked questions

Are samples of selected part numbers available for purchase?

you can purchase samples or request quotations or purchase orders from authorized Murata distributors and sales representatives on the Stock Check webpage.

Flow of sample purchase operations

  1. Click "Selected Items" in the results display.

  2. Click "Product Detail".

  3. Click "Authorized distributors and sales representatives (Stock Check)", check that the part numbers are in stock, and then proceed to purchase.

Are spec sheets of selected part numbers available for download?

Yes, spec sheets can be downloaded in PDF format.

Flow of spec sheet download operations

  1. Click "Selected Items".

  2. Click "Reference Spec" to download the PDF file.

Please feel free to contact Murata if you have any other questions or inquiries regarding the Bias-T Inductor Selection Tool or Bias-T circuit inductor products for high-speed automotive interfaces (SeaDes) that use the PoC (Power Over Coaxial) method.