Design Support Data

This page provides the S-parameters, SPICE models, libraries for circuit simulators, and 3D data for CAD/CAE software.

Murata Icon X Features of Murata's Design Support Data


Abundant data is provided!

We arranged various S-parameters and SPICE models for the multilayer ceramic capacitors and RF inductors required for the circuit simulator, and also various libraries are provided for the circuit simulator based on this data. 3D data is also provided for CAD/CAE software.


High precision data is provided!

In the S-parameters and SPICE models of multilayer ceramic capacitors and RF inductors, characteristics close to the actual measurement value are provided even in a frequency range higher than the self-resonant frequency.

インピーダンスチャートとC-DC biasチャートの例

Libraries with dynamic models are now available!

Various libraries adopting dynamic models (*) are now available for multilayer ceramic capacitors and power inductors.
* Dynamic model: A model reflecting the dynamic change factor of the capacitance and inductance. Specifically, this model reflects the change of the capacitance by the temperature and DC bias for high dielectric constant type multilayer ceramic capacitors, and change of the inductance by the DC bias current for power inductors.


Murata Icon X Downloading Libraries for Various Data and Circuit Simulators

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S-Parameter / SPICE Model

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CAD data / CAE data
CAD data
* STEP Format
Footprint Data
* DXF Format
CAE data
EDA Library

Keysight PathWave ADS
Keysight PathWave RF Synthesis(Genesys)
Cadence AWR Design Environment
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ANSYS Electronics
Desktop Circuit Simulator
OrCAD Capture/PSpice

Analog Devices
SIMetrix Technologies SIMetrix/SIMPLIS
C-Format for LSI-Package-Board Co-design
Modelithics models Modelithics, Inc. can supply some Murata component models, and additionally produce custom models for Murata components.