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The software below, which has been used up until now, has been discontinued. Please feel free to use the service that has replaced it, which is available on this Design Support Tool website.

Tool Name Summary Update
Murata Power Inductor Selection Tool You can select the optimum power inductors by operating condition of DC-DC converter with this tool. And more you can measure and compared the characteristic of power inductor in the operating condition. 2012/10/19
Murata EMI Filter Selection Simulator The software simulates effects of Murata EMI Filters and Chip Capacitors based on specified conditions. 2009/10/30
Murata Medium-voltage Capacitors Selection Tool by Voltage Form The software calculates power from a voltage waveform applied to a capacitor and judge whether the capacitor is usable or not. 2011/03/09
Murata Chip NTC Thermistor Output Voltage Simulator The software simulates the temperature characteristics of output voltage of Chip NTC thermistors.
* We recommend to use "SimSurfing
which make a comparative review of more than three application circuits in Internet connection.
Murata Infrared Sensor Novelty Software This driver software is for Murata infrared sensor novelty.
(This version is Windows7- compliant.)