2020 (5.0 × 5.0mm) wire wound common mode choke coils guaranteed to 150°C for automotive applications
— PLT5BPH Series —




Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has released the PLT5BPH series of 2020-size (5.0 × 5.0mm) wire wound-type power supply common mode choke coils for automotive applications. They have a maximum guaranteed operating temperature of 150°C and a maximum current rating of 5.6A.


In recent years, the automobile market has placed a great deal of importance on improving efficiency and the ability to withstand severe environments. To achieve more precise control, many manufacturers are placing electronic components closer to the engine or transmission. Therefore, there is strong demand for noise filters that can be used in environments with high temperatures up to 150°C. 
To meet this demand, Murata has developed compact wire wound-type common mode choke coils capable of handling large currents and usable at temperatures up to 150°C.


  • Suitable for use in automotive powertrain applications, AEC-Q200-compliant.
  • Usable temperature range of -55°C to +150°C.
  • Compact size (5.0 × 5.0mm) and capable of handling large currents up to 5.6A.
  • Generates maximum 500Ω common mode impedance (at 10MHz), so substantial noise suppression can be expected. 
  • Differential mode impedance is high in addition to common mode impedance, enabling substantial suppression of normal mode noise.


  • Power lines of automotive modules such as ECUs and transmission control units that operate in high-temperature environments.
  • Power lines of car navigation and car audio systems, etc.

Parts List

PLT5BPH Series
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Electric characteristics

  • Common mode impedance (at 10MHz): 100 to 500Ω
  • Rated current: 3.1 to 5.6A*
  • Rated voltage: 80Vdc
  • Operating temperature range: -55 to +150°C
* Derating of the rated current may be necessary for use at temperatures exceeding +125°C.

External Size



Mass Production


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