Social Media Policy

Murata’s attitude, conduct, and basic etiquette to be complied in running its official social media accounts are defined as follows:

Basic Policy

When using Murata’s official social media accounts, employees shall comply with laws and regulations as well as Murata’s own internal rules, the “Corporate Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct” and rigorously impose upon themselves sensible speech and conduct as members of society.

Attitude toward Participation in Social Media

When participating in social media, employees understand that information transmitted via the internet is accessible to many anonymous users, that information once transmitted can never be completely deleted, and that any transmitted information may affect Murata’s reputation. Employees maintain a commitment to listening attentively to others, and always remember to act responsibly.

Guidance and Requests for Social Media Users

Information transmitted by employees on social media does not necessarily reflect Murata’s official announcements and statements. Murata shares official announcements and statements via its website and news releases, etc. With regard to interactions on official accounts, please refer to the following:

Official Accounts

To deliver various information relating to the Murata Manufacturing Group
Operating Hours
Differ by locations/accounts
Please be aware that although Murata will attempt to answer questions, etc. whenever possible, it cannot guarantee a response to all inquiries.